Biomarker Discovery and Validation Using Global Metabolomics


The search for biomarkers is a hotly studied and active pursuit in a variety of industries. In fact, the future of personalized health interventions or products rests squarely on the ability to discover and validate new biomarkers. The biomarkers themselves can be nearly anything that distinguishes one individual from another. They can be based on a diagnostic test (e.g., glucose or cholesterol measurements), physical characteristics (e.g., BMI), genetics (e.g., SNPs) or any other distinguishing characteristic (e.g., age, diet). Unfortunately, general screening methods for the discovery of new biomarkers have been very challenging with few success stories. The difficulties are mathematical, technological, and/or limited availability of proper sample types and number. One recent promising technology with potential to overcome a number of these issues is metabolomics. The focus of this paper will be to better educate the reader about the importance of understanding biochemical biomarkers and how global metabolomics is an ideal technology for gaining these new insights...

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